Using Lampshades Effectively

Posted By: Matthew

Lampshades are never easy to choose but one thing that you can note before you start is the colour. They typically have a pastel-like quality to them, favouring muted tones over more brash colours like deep red or blue. There is a good reason for this (unless you are decorating a kid's room!) since bright colours can really clash with the decor already in place. It can be best to go for fabric lamp shades that offer some mediation of the tones, dampening the natural hues of your room or even working with them to create more interesting and aesthetically pleasing highlights.

At The Lighting Superstore we have a refined range of colours including those that will add a rustic look

Pinks that are perfect for bedrooms, to those plainer options that just work anywhere you want to place the lamp. The BCG Lampshades Hard Empire range are great for table lamps and when illuminated, the texture and true detail of the shade will become apparent. They fit extremely well in natural areas where there is open brickwork, wooden cabinets and other materials that are on the more natural side. They can however have a pleasant effect on areas with more modern designs including those with plastics and chrome work.

If you are looking for some more expressive colours then our BCG Bowed Empire shades are a great choice. The colours run from rose silk to pink, sand, beige, ivory, grey, green and more. If you have a room of a particular colour or texture, then a shade like this can bring some very pleasant colourisation to proceedings. The sand in particular helps to create warmer tones that may perhaps be lacking in a corner of your room. The rose and pink are great for bedrooms that sport a floral design, adding that pretty colourisation that really creates an inviting space.

Don't overlook the importance of the shape of your lampshade

The next lighting aspect you will have to consider is the design of the shade. Each of them use light in different ways, directing it and having particular effects. Understanding this will be key to the position of the light in the room. If you have a particular place in mind when buying, then the shape will be all important. The traditional funnel shade helps to spread light from the flared base, but others work in different ways. Pendant lamp shades allow an equal amount of light to emit from the top and bottom whereas closed-top shades will help to create a brighter downwards light. If you are intending to work next to this light on a desk, it is a wise choice, although the light could potentially become too harsh if the bulb is powerful. Different shapes too can create different shadows around the room, which can be aesthetically attractive in themselves.

Pleated designs help to soften the light by reflecting it around the pleats. Even with powerful bulbs, the appearance will be more muted, creating an altogether softer tone to the light that is very pleasant.


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